Bearbrick 1000% Original Fake Kaws Companion Medbea Brown Color

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Year: 2008
Size: 400%: 28cm (11 in) 100%: 7cm (2.7in)
Signature: Unsigned
Frame: Unframed
Edition: 500
Medium: Urban


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Short Description

A collaboration between KAWS' OriginalFake brand and toy manufacturer, Medicom, this LIMITED EDITION 1000% dissected Be@rbrick model features the artist's signature "X" for eye as well as articulated arms, legs, hands, waist, and head. Published by Medicom and OriginalFake. Purchased by me from in 2008 and I am the only/original owner and have kept it in its box for a majority of its life. Comes with box and all original packaging as pictured.

It is of course 100% legit—-check my past sales to show previous KAWS figures sales and pls ask for any additional photos. Will send insured (of course).


Original Fake "Dissected" Bearbrick Companion 400% and 100%, 2008

Painted vinyl

400%: 28cm (11 in)

100%: 7cm (2.7in)

Edition of 500

Accompanied by original Boxes and inner plastic.