Banksy Stop & Search

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Year: 2007
Size: 70 x 67 cm
Signature: Hand Signed
Frame: Never Framed
Edition: 500
Medium: Screen Print


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Short Description

Banksy Stop and Search

The Wizard of Oz is a story that is known around the world and to people of all ages. The protagonist, a young girl named Dorothy, represents an archetypal truth-seeker who travels in search of someplace better. She is accompanied by her dog, Toto who represents faithfulness and companionship. On their journey they are stopped by an officer wearing riot gear, who is shown checking her wicker basket for some variety of contraband. The figure of Dorthy is portrayed as harmless in this print depiction and could be a reference to immigration. When viewed in this context, Stop and Search may represent the paranoia surrounding immigration and government agency attempts to control and prevent entry of those seeking a better quality of life.

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BANKSY, STOP AND SEARCH, SIGNED SCREEN PRINT EDITION OF 500, 2007⁣⁣⁣Although there are some canvas-based reincarnations of Stop and Search, the dominant form of the work is that of the 500 signed and numbered prints released by Banksy in 2007.⁣⁣Stop and Search is a monochrome print presenting a two-dimensional narrative with three central figures; fairly recognisable Dorothy (the central character of the Wizard of Oz), her dog, Toto, and a police officer wearing blue latex gloves, which is the only coloured element in Stop and Search. The visual tool of foregrounding an artwork’s punchlines and central symbols through rendering them in a splash of colour against a largely monochrome piece is one of Banksy’s favourite techniques. In this emotive piece, we watch the police officer searching through Dorothy’s basket.⁣⁣The artwork can be interpreted through the plot of The Wizard of Oz, suggesting that Dorothy and Toto are being prevented from getting home. The purity and naivety associated with the protagonist in the film is embedded within the piece and only accentuate the absurdity of the search act. Dorothy is unanimously seen as a character representing innocence and freedom, and yet even she is not free from the menacing influence of the state. Banksy often formulates critical commentary towards the state, surveillance and the police juxtaposed with symbols of childlike innocence, such as in Jack & Jill showing two small children playing wearing police body armor.