Banksy Nola AP Green to Blue Ed 61

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Year: 2008
Size: 70 x 67 cm
Signature: Hand Signed
Frame: Never Framed
Edition: 61
Medium: Screen Print


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Banksy (English, b. 1974) is a graffiti artist whose artwork has appeared throughout London and other locations around the world. Bansky's artwork is characterized by striking images, often combined with slogans. His work regularly engages political themes, satirically critiquing war, capitalism, hypocrisy and greed.

Common subjects include rats, apes, policemen, members of the royal family, and children. In addition to his two-dimensional work, Banksy is known for his installation artwork. One of the most celebrated

of these pieces, which featured a live elephant painted with a Victorian wallpaper pattern, sparked controversy among animal rights activists. He was the subject of a 2010 documentary, "Exit Through the Gift Shop,”



    Banksy Nola Series

    Title: Banksy Nola AP Green to Blue Ed 61

    Medium: Silk screen print in Arches paper with out stamp Signd on Plate

    Date: 2008

    Editions: The print comes in six different colorways, with the rain a different color in each variation.

    Banksy 32 Signed Orange

    Banksy 31 Signed Neon

    Banksy 63 Signed Grey

    Banksy 289 White Signed

   Banksy 61 AP in different color, about 10 to 15 each

   Few other Banksy Nolas Gift A/P  

      (0 Unsigned edition)

    Dimensions: 56 x 76 cm

    Published by: POW

    Signature: Signed bottom right, A/P are singed on the grey of the print & without POW Stamp

Few years after Hurricane Katrina, Banksy appeared in New Orleans to execute a suite of stencils that poignantly addressed the devastation and lack of appropriate political response following the flood

Banksy painted 17 works. One of them, which I named New Orleans Umbrella Girl Banksy Nola.

This Artwork was featured the stencil featured a young girl who having relied on her umbrella for protection only discovers that the umbrella itself is the source of the rain the umbrella is not protecting her from the rain, but it is instead its source. She is holding out her hand to see if it is like that outside the umbrella.

There is a depressing feel to this work. In an interview, Banksy said that this stencil represents how things that are supposed to protect us can also hurt us.