Banksy Love Rat - Unsigned

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Year: 2004
Size: 50 x 35 cm
Signature: Unsigned
Frame: Unframed
Edition: 600
Medium: 2 color silk screen print


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Short Description

Banksy – Love Rat (unsigned)

Medium: 2 colour screen print

Edition: 600

Size: 35 x 50cM

Description: Comes with full pest control certificate


Banksy Love Rat from the rats series, is one of the most iconic of Banksy’s Prints that carries a kind of organic gravity making a connection with people on a basic level,

It first made a public appearence as graffiti work on a street in Liverpool, England.

The prints of Love Rat came up for sale in 2004 for the first time. The work shows us a rat handling a brush of disproportionate size after apparently having just painted a red heart on the wall. Although rats have become something of a motif in Banksy’s work and seem to fascinate him, the rat in Love Rat (in comparison with Gansta Rat) has a very different personality, visual representation and facial quality.