Isshaq Ismail HEAD 8, 2020

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Year: 2020
Size: 90.3 by 75.4 cm. 35½ by 29¾ in.
Signature: Hand Signed
Frame: Framed other
Edition: Original
Medium: oil on canvas


Isshaq Ismail

Isshaq Ismail HEAD 8, 2020

oil on canvas

59 4/5 × 50 2/5 × 2 in | 152 × 128cm

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Short Description

Isshaq Ismail is a Multidisciplinary Artist and a product of Ghanatta College of Arts and Design. He investigates and explores grotesque figures and textures in his paintings. Ismail's works are a conversation on place and identity, providing an intimate look at social, cultural and political realities of living in this dynamic 21st century and poetically expressing how those realities ultimately impact one’s Identity. Its all about emotions and moods of the society. For example Anxiety, Anguish, Aspirations, boredom, apathy, empathy etc


Desire, longing, wonderment, strength, resilience, power and hope can be seen in the face and figure of Grey Face 1 and Self 15 work. I employ thick, loose, flat and cryptic gestural brushstrokes of Acrylic paint without inhibition, fear or conformity. like the way a sculptor sculpt human figures from clay, I sculpt my figures with the brush.

The images i create become metaphors of people's sentiments and also serves as protagonist to represent the masses and advocate for the voiceless. Not trash, but people. Not remnants, but lives. look closer and they will tell you their stories.


Isshaq Ismail HEAD 8, 2020

incised with the artist's signature

oil on canvas

59 4/5 × 50 2/5 × 2 in | 152 × 128cmExecuted in 2020

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